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AO3 Exchange check-in & BETA offers

How's it going?

I was very excited to see that we already have two 'mystery works' in our exchange. WOO-HOO!!
*this is all very exciting*

DON'T PANIC!! There's still a month to go. :D

If anyone, either participating in the exchange or not, is willing to offer their services to BETA vids for any of the exchange vidders, please leave a comment here so that the vidders can find you.

How to contact (via PM or email):
Fandoms can work with:
Anything else relevant:

If you'd like a BETA and don't see one that fits (ie. fandom or whatever) and don't want to reveal what sort of thing you're working on - feel free to PM me and I'll help look for someone.
P.S. Use of a beta is totally optional

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How are you coming along with your assignment?

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I'm finished! W00t!
0 (0.0%)

in the goldilocks zone and polishing it up
0 (0.0%)

I'm knee deep in clipping/laying clips and on my way!
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I have 'A Plan'
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got no idea what I'm doing yet
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clipping is evil
1 (100.0%)

rendering is fun!
1 (100.0%)

how many vids would a vidder vid if a vidder just vidded their id?
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coffee/MPEG Streamclip = OTP
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And finally, if anyone senses that they might need to drop out, please let me know so that I can look for a pinch hitter.
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