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Just a reminder that Fandom Nominations (DW)/Fandom Nomincations (LJ) are open until July 20th.

Signups to participate in the exchange will begin July 21st!!

For those unfamiliar with AO3, I wanted to provide some useful links:

+ Fan Video and Multimedia includes several resources of interest to vidders, particularly how to embed a video on AO3
+ Collections and Challenges which contains a wall of text, but useful to explain the details of terms such as 'unrevealed' and 'anonymous'.
+ Tutorial: How to Sign up for a gift exchange
+ Tutorial: Posting a work to a challenge

One of the nice things about the AO3 Collection and Challenge is that the post is made by YOU and yet can remain anonymous for a short period of time for that warm-fuzzy anon period*.
After artist reveals, the post is STILL YOURS and any comments, hit counts, kudos, etc. remain in one place. Cool, huh?

If anyone does not have an AO3 account and would like to participate, please comment and we'll coordinate getting you an invite. :D

*Keep in mind that using your own YouTube account may give away your identity! You may mask your identity however you wish in your post and edit it after the exchange however you'd like. I will have a vimeo account available if participants would like to use it. Embeds will not be required, a working download link is sufficient.

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