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General Rules/FAQ:
By participating in the vid exchange, you agree to make a video in a matching fandom of at least 1 minute in length by September 30th. In exchange, a vid for a fandom you are requesting will be made by a mystery vidder.

When signing up, you need to request at least 3 fandoms you can request up to 6 fandoms. You also need to offer at least 3 fandoms, although you can offer up to 10.

The character and description areas of the signup are available for you to provide additional information about what you like about the fandom, what things you may or may not want in a vid, music preferences, etc. Please be aware that this is optional for your vidder. Also, like other exchanges (ie. yuletide, festivids, etc.) we will also have an optional 'Dear Vidder' post.

Signups on AO3
Signups are open from now until July 31st.

AO3 Tutorial: signing up for a gift exchange
This is my first time using the AO3 collection and challenges as a host, so if you have any questions or run across any issues with the form, please let me know.
Also, if you are in need of an AO3 invite, let me know.

All vidders are welcome, the more the merrier!!
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