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Congratulations everyone and THANK YOU so much for participating in this small vid exchange. The vidder's identities are revealed and everyone's welcome to edit in signed versions to their AO3 posts, crosspost vids, etc.

Here's a masterlist

Fandom: Doctor Who
You May Be Right by [personal profile] purple_dolphin9 for [personal profile] dkwilliams
Just Like Heaven by [personal profile] shinealightonme for [personal profile] purple_dolphin9

Fandom: Due South
My Strongest Suit by [personal profile] talibusorabat for [personal profile] ruuger

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
The One That You're Looking For by [personal profile] sabaceanbabe for [personal profile] jagwriter78
Walking with Ghosts by [personal profile] jagwriter78 for [personal profile] condnsdmlk
Monster by [personal profile] eyestoowide for [personal profile] mithborien

Fandom: Merlin
Lonely Souls by [personal profile] mithborien for [personal profile] alba17
The Ice is Getting Thinner by [personal profile] alba17 for [personal profile] talibusorabat

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
What I Did For Love by [personal profile] dkwilliams for [personal profile] angelus2hot

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Your Lover by [personal profile] angelus2hot for [personal profile] shinealightonme
Soldier by [personal profile] scifi_tv_addict for [personal profile] colls

Fandom: Supernatural
On the Road by [personal profile] colls for [personal profile] eyestoowide

Fandom: Thor, The Avengers
Survival by [personal profile] condnsdmlk for [personal profile] scifi_tv_addict

Also, a public service announcement: FESTIVIDS sign-ups are open until October 14th!