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The AO3 Vidding Auctions are now CLOSED!

Congratulations to the winning bidders!! (I'll be replying to your winning bids momentarily, so you'll know who you are!)
*tosses confetti*

Do not send us any money!!! Please go directly to OTW's online donation page where you can donate online via credit card or PayPal. Within a day or so, you should receive an email confirmation. Our goal is to have donations wrapped up by June 10th.

Make a screenshot of your email confirmation (feel free to black out any personal information) and upload it to an image hosting site such as tinypic or photobucket. Include the link in your comment below or indicate that you will be emailing confirmation. If choosing to email, you can either forward your confirmation email or a screenshot of it to me at

(FYI ~ comments to this post are screened and visible only to mods)

The online donation method is preferred as confirmation is easier and quicker. However, the OTW does accept checks. If you are going to be donating via mailing a check, please contact a mod so that we can arrange alternate donation confirmation.

Once we've received confirmation, we'll post a comment in the auction confirming the transaction has been completed.

We'll contact you after donation confirmations just to insure you and your winning bidder have been in contact and that everything is peachy. Then we'll leave you to your creative art.

Once you've completed your vid, you are welcome to post/upload/host/stream/share the vid wherever you'd like. Don't forget to post a link here so we know where to find it! You already have a nifty vidder tag with your name on it. :)

Our goal is to have vids posted by mid-August. If you've talked with your bidder about a later date, that's fine, just let us know. If you feel you're not going to be able to complete the vid and will need to default, please let us know by July 31st (if possible).

Didn't have time to commit to making a vid at this time? Not able to bid or didn't win the auction you were bidding on? Want to contribute in some other manner? There are other ways to help support the AO3 project and the OTW in general. See How you can help for more information.


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